Documents and Business Workflow
Antelope Workflow is an intelligent business process application for rapidly designing, implementing, deploying, and optimizing enterprise solutions. It supports both structured and dynamic (unstructured, non-routine, unexpected, situational) work interactions.

Antelope Workflow clearly defined communication paths, task lists and document standards not only raise the quality of information, but also assist the timely processing of tasks. With the new Task Dashboard even complex tasks can be overseen and quickly processed.
The Dashboard
The Antelope Enterprise Dashboard is where all your tasks from every running workflow can be easily viewed and managed. Tasks are automatically sorted by type and the archive area offers easy access to completed tasks so that nothing gets lost.

Team leaders also need to maintain an overview of task distribution and be able to see quickly which tasks have been delegated. The Antelope Enterprise Task Dashboard offers all important task details at a glance. Automatic task grouping, powerful filtering and sorting make the Task Dashboard an essential tool for getting things done.
Tasks Initiation
Working in teams has inherent challenges when it comes to task management. On the one hand, everyone should be aware of all that needs to be done and yet each member’s tasks should be clearly discernible from the others.

Antelope Workflow task management streamlines and automates dynamic workflow scenarios. It is so easy to use that users only need to initiate a routing, select participants and assign tasks (name, deadlines, guidance) and finally follows the task till completion.

All workflow tasks are configurable with pre-build templates - defined actions such as reply, forward and comment, escalation procedure and group assignments etc. Participants can tract correspondence and associated documents and get push notification on both desktop and mobile platform once there is any status update within the process.