The Next Generation of ECM
A simple and more secure document management can increase your productivity while you are working on your projects, business and sales cases. Antelope improves information sharing and collaboration by reducing unstructured electronic files across your organization.

Antelope is competitive tool for offering a single platform to store, manage and share your valuable assets, from departmental based content management to enterprise level business workflow process optimization.
Organize Contents
You can manage your documents with version control, check-in/check-out, relationship binding, audit logging, trustee assignment and ad-Hoc routing.

Archived documents are indexed and OCR (scanned images) for searching purpose. You can retrieve your documents by full-text and index searching different languages.
More Secure Repository
It tightly controls your documents through role base security management. Folders and documents are protected with 256-bits data encryption and are bind by multiple access permissions; only authorized users are able to access the information with different security levels.

Antelope provides over 20 levels of access permission control on folder and document including Read Only, Edit, Delete, Print, Download, ...
Comprehensive Administration
Comprehensive system administration tools for IT professional to create user accounts, roles, quota schema, organization charts and control access permission for different users & groups.

Setup index profiles, meta data, lookup list, dictionary and data retention rules.

Microsoft .NET based SDK that includes all libraries, documentations and pre-build samples so that developers do not require to learn from ground.

Key Features
  • Integrate with Microsoft Windows Active Directory for single sign-on
  • Document version control
  • Document access log and modification history
  • Document check-in and check-out
  • Document reference link
  • Document preview for Microsoft Office documents, graphics, videos, emails and more...
  • Online annotation and markup for PDF document
  • Digital signing for contract, agreement and quotations.
  • Folder and document access permission
  • Document routing for approval.
  • Folder subscription
  • 256-bits AES encryption for content files.

  • Index searching
  • Document grid filtering and exporting
  • Document thumbnails
  • Photo tagging
  • Video rendering and previewing