Goal for Document Capture Solution
Document capture is any one of several processes used to convert a physical document to another format, typically a digital representation.

At its simplest, document capture involves scanning a physical document and saving it as a digital image. However, in the context of enterprise information management, creating a digital image file is often not adequate for business purposes. The goal for implementing a document capture solution is to reduce the amount of time spent in the scanning and capture process, and produce metadata along with an image file, and/or OCR text.
Capture Software
The ability to capture documents and make their information available has become increasingly important for a number of reasons, in particular regulatory compliance requirements, information security, and the competitive business environment.

Antelope Enterprise Capture helps you streamline document-driven business process by automatically capturing, classifying and extracting information from images with our recognition technology. We provides you with different platforms which you can capture and classify your documents to suit your business needs.
Automatic Document Classification
Enrich with advanced technology Automatic Document Classification (ADC) that automates high volume document classification by eliminating your effort on manual sorting of documents. By utilizing ADC powerful recognition classification engine with anchor detection, 1D and 2D barcode recognition, intelligence keywords identification, optical marks recognition (OMR), and layout detection, the Capture Client ensures your documents are managed with minimal human effort.
Distributed Document Capture
Distributed Document Capture (DDC) allows the scanning of documents into a central server through the use of individual capture stations. A variation of distributed capture is thin-client document capture in which documents are scanned into a central server through the use of web browser.
Integration of BPM
Organisations adopting ECM often implement electronic workflow which allows the information held on paper to be included as part of an electronic business process and incorporated into a customer record file along with other associated office documents and emails. For business critical documents, such as purchase orders and supplier invoices, digitising documents can help speed up business transactions as well as reduce manual effort involved in keying data into business systems, such as CRM, ERP and Accounting. Scanned invoices can also be routed to managers for payment approval via email or an electronic workflow.

Optimize for Enterprise Usage
Antelope Enterprise Capture is build for enterprise usage for high-volume document capturing where security, scalability, accuracy are key concern to business. Antelope Enterprise Capture can help you to:
  • Automate forms, documents, electronic mails within a single platforms.
  • Automate the processing of invoices, purchase orders, receipts, contacts, agreements and other unstructured documents.
  • Integrate with enterprise software such as document management system, business process workflow solutions, web portal software and other enterprise software.
  • Automate complicate business applications such as credit card approval process, mortgage loan and insurance application processes.